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Openig Hours

Monday- Friday

from 7 am to 5 pm

+ 48 602 608 700

ul. Końska 6, 53-010, Wrocław


The Końska St., where our kindergarten is located, is a one-way street.

You can reach it from the Wyścigowa St.
We have prepared for you parking spaces in front of the building to make picking up children easier.

It is possible to leave a stroller or bicycle seat at the kindergarten after prior arrangement.

About us

Kid's Corner is an educational institution that has been providing children with high-quality English language learning experience since 2007. Our professional team of educators work diligently to provide each child with a positive, safe and nurturing environment for learning and development.

Opening Hours:


From 7 am to 5 pm


Zapraszamy do naszego przedszkola!


ul. Końska 6

53-010, Wrocław


e: office@kidscorner.pl

tel. 604 251 779