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English language

At Kid's Corner, we have implemented the American curriculum for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Children learn the language naturally, at the age when the brain is most geared towards developing language skills. Therefore, at our kindergarten we ensure constant contact with the English language.

Language immersion is a method based on using the language continuously in various life situations. It is being successfully applied in multilingual countries. Children master a foreign language while at the same time making progress in their mother tongue.

By attending a bilingual kindergarten, your children gain an advantage over the children who start learning the language in later years or learn it just several hours a week. The process of learning the language opens the child's mind to other fields of science. English language is being taught by a qualified, diverse staff from all around the world.


About us

Kid's Corner is an educational institution that has been providing children with high-quality English language learning experience since 2007. Our professional team of educators work diligently to provide each child with a positive, safe and nurturing environment for learning and development.

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From 7 am to 5 pm


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