About us


  • We are an English-speaking kindergarten registered with the Board of Education in accordance with the core kindergarten curriculum.

What to expect at KIDS CORNER:

  • Among daily classes with native speakers of English, we also offer rhythm, music, sports, speech therapy, art, and science lessons—all included in tuition.
  • If that’s not enough, we also offer dance and theater, robotics, chess, karate, swimming, individual musical instrument lessons, intercultural integration classes, and Polish as a foreign language.
  • Your child will be able to meet many different people, young and old, from other cultures and walks of life.
  • We also proudly offer programs promoting multiculturalism and tolerance, as well as anti- discriminatory attitudes – more information
  • Our groups consist of up to fifteen children along with a teacher and a helper, guaranteeing an individual approach to each child.
  • We frequently go on field trips to places such as, but not limited to kid-friendly museums, operas, theaters, and exhibitions.
  • We also celebrate holidays like Grandparents’ Day, Mother's Day, Kids’ Day, United States Independence Day, St. Patrick's Day, Presidents' Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and many more with a family picnic at the end of the year.
  • Our kindergartens regularly take part in small plays with a mix of English and Polish scripts.
  • We are happy to provide a fun atmosphere for children to learn with hand-on activities and interactive learning.

Dear Parents,

We cordially invite you to join us at Kid's Corner-- one of the oldest preschool points in Wroclaw, founded in 2007. Our kindergarten is ideal for children aged 2-6 and is located in a beautiful, pre-war villa with a huge green yard on 6 Końska Street in Wrocław in the cozy subdivision of Partynice right next to Południowy (South) Park. We welcome you every day from 7:00 - 17:00.

Kid's Corner is a kindergarten of many cultures. Polish children and children and from different countries of Europe and the world learn here together. We promote multiculturalism andtolerance, and that is how our kindergarteners learn to be open and accept other customs,traditions and cultures. Here we enjoy learning about and exploring the world around us whiledeveloping children's linguistic skills. More information can be found in the PROGRAM tab.